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Cookie Ordering Guide

  • Minimum order is two dozens. A two weeks advanced notice is recommended and appreciated. Please order early to avoid disappointment. 

  • Cookie Flavors: Vanilla, Lemon, Almond, Chocolate

  • ​ The prices of your royal icing decorated cookies are depending on the complexity of the design(Colors, details, and techniques). Generally speaking, the price starts at $3.5 each for our standard size cookies(3 inches) with basic decoration.

  • ​Delivery fees start at $10 and vary from there depending on delivery Distance. The cookie orders could be shipped nationwide. The shipping and handling fee applies.

  • For order above $100, a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the order confirms and holds a reservation. The reminder of payment is due 7 days before the date of delivery/pick-up. For order smaller than $100, your payment is due upon the confirmation. 

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Creamery Marketplace, San Luis Obispo, CA|Tel: 805-776-3127

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